Why use video? 3

Because it's 50 times - 50 TIMES! - more likely to drive search results on Google than plain text...   (Source: Omnicore)

why use video 3

Freelancers: Jack-of-all-trades or master of, er, one?

Who doesn’t love an expert?  And who wouldn’t want to be an expert?  When you need a plumber, you want an expert, don’t you?  Watery mishaps at 3am are a misery, so you hire an expert to make sure it’s sorted properly.  You want your financial advisor to be an...

expert stamp

Adding some charm to your marketing

Animation is simple and charming, Your viewers it will certainly please, For those concepts that confuse, and that baffle, It explains all with consummate ease.   Characters, objects or type fonts, I can make them all come to life, To get across your marketing...