Website MOT

So, what is a Website MOT?

Project a professional image for your business

As well as providing useful information your website needs to project a professional image to your customers, with the reasons why they should work with you.


Just like a car’s MOT, our MOT check makes sure that the essentials are all working properly and that it’s fit for purpose.  A full audit of your website, we assess the two key areas:

  • Search Engine Optimisation  (SEO) – is Google and other search engines going to give your site the optimum ranking?
  • Marketing and sales optimisation – is it communicating the right proposition to the right audience in the right places?

Website effectiveness isn’t just about getting good search rankings with Google, you have to market yourself too.  Your site visitors need to get the information that you want them to without wading through the whole website so the prioritisation of marketing content is vital.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We’ll assess the SEO on your site, to look at how your site is organised, what keywords you’re scoring on and what you need to do to improve your ranking. The purpose is to look at what traffic you’re getting now and recommend traffic strategies you can employ to improve your effectiveness.


Marketing and sales optimisation

This section is about assessing your sites integration with your sales process, and how your marketing proposition works against your target audiences. We examine what proportion of your screens ‘real estate’ is given over to your proposition, how much to benefits, how much to features and how they all work together. We look at the visitor journey through the site and how the pages are organised.


Social media optimisation

We also look at what integrations your site has with social media sites for both readability and SEO.


The report

We then provide you with a report put together by both our SEO and marketing experts. This provides our assessment and the recommendations that follow from that to improve your sites effectiveness. The report includes metrics, but also advice and guidance on improvements.  And if you subsequently commission a new website from us, we’ll credit the cost of the Website MOT against your bill.


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Keep your company image up to date

You never know when a prospective customer is checking you out but you can make sure that your business image keeps up to date by keeping your website fresh.