Video work

This is some of our video work

Keep your company image up to date

You never know when a prospective customer is checking you out but you can make sure that your business image keeps up to date by keeping your website fresh.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine the impact of a video…

Why add a video to your site?

Explainer videos are creating big waves right now, because they create far better engagement with visitors to your site which not only increases brand awareness but also improves your search rankings – Google just loves videos on a website!

Research shows that:

60% of people would rather watch a video to reading text on the same page (Source: TMG Custom Media)

Approximately 30% of page visitors will watch your introductory video and 50% of those viewers will watch the video in its entirety (Source:

Sites using an introductory video saw a 10% increase in conversion rates (Source:

You can use an ‘explainer’ video to give a brief overview of your product or service so site visitors can quickly get a grasp of what you do or what you offer.  Or you can use it to give an explanation of something technical, or perhaps how you work – whatever you think will add to the communication of your website.

What does it cost?

We create videos that use live stock footage or animated talking cartoon-style illustrations.  We include a professional voice-over, and a stock music track and/or music ‘stings’ if required – some videos work better without any music.

Every video is different so we need to quote for exactly what you want in order to give you the very best price.

A 30 second live stock footage video usually includes:

up to 3 video clips of stock footage

a professional voice-over

music and/or stings (if required)

A 30 second animated video usually includes:

all cartoon characters and graphics

a professional voice-over

music and/or stings (if required)

If you’d like a no-obligation quote for a video just contact us with some outline details.

Add a short video to your website!

Make your website really stand out with a short video – 60% of people prefer to watch a video than read text, and you’re 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google.